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A little bit about us.

Sunshine Doodle & Poodle is a family-owned dog breeder located in Sarasota, Florida. We focus on producing quality golden doodles and red poodles. As stewards of God's creations, our goal is to have happy and healthy animals. Thus, our puppies come from champion bloodlines. They are great family companions with numerous positive personality traits.

With great love for our puppies, we offer lifetime support and will always be here for you with any questions or concerns during and after the sale. Please give us the first right to refusal — we never want any of our babies to end up in a shelter.  

The Process:


Select the preferred puppy from out of the listed puppies.


Reach out to us to learn more about the puppies.


Fill out paperwork and pay deposit.


Pay remaining balance and pick up your new puppy.

Meet the Parents

Our puppies are a precious reflection of their parents. Each dog in our program is specially chosen to produce healthy, beautifully bred puppies.

Fun Fact!
Golden doodles are a fairly new breed. While there is no exact date of origin, experts on the breed believe the first golden doodle litter came about in the early ’90s.

Meet the Puppies!


Our puppies are raised socially around kids and are vet checked, dewormed, and receive their first immune shots before going to their new homes!

...some very good boys.


Great Breeder and loving family for the puppies!

Adriana Espindola

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Great Breeder and loving family for the puppies!

Adriana Espindola

Best puppy Breeder thank you so much💞

Irina Demyanchuk

We love our doodle. We bought our baby girl from the very first litter here. This is the best dog ever. She is so smart and loving. Very well natured and beautiful. Everyone stops us everywhere we go to ask where we got her. I will always go to this breeder for my puppies and would recommend her above anyone. Thank you so much for doing what you do🙏

Jnb4ever Jnb4ever

This was my first time ever purchasing a puppy, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with every aspect of this experience! I received photos and updates frequently from the time the puppies were born till the time I picked them up. The family is so friendly, personable and still professional. When I went to pickup my new puppy, I was welcomed in and given a welcome home kit, which was totally unexpected and very thoughtful! I have purchased two puppies from them and couldn’t be happier! They still check in from time to time.

Brandon Wiley